In 2010, SPX Capital was founded by a group of investment professionals with an established track record of generating alpha. The firm aims to generate attractive returns for investors over the long-term through the combination of high-quality human capital, robust investment processes and ethical values.

Through a meritocratic partnership model, SPX Capital seeks to attract and retain highly skilled professionals. The firm’s culture encourages teamwork and rewards those who seek excellence in group results.

Consistent returns and capital preservation are central to the SPX Capital’s ethos. The firm believes in gradual and sustainable growth, with the objective of building a lasting, resilient organization.

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A culture that promotes specialization and expertise across every area of the firm.

Partnership and Meritocracy

A meritocratic partnership with a collaborative culture, where outstanding professionals will be recognized based on results.

Discipline and Resilience

Discipline in the management of investments and resilience in the search for long-term performance.

Client focus

We manage client capital with the same care and diligence as we do our own.

Alignment of Interests

The partners have a large amount of their wealth in the firm’s funds and are required to reinvest a majority of the distributed profits.

Ethical behavior

We believe that a strong ethical framework is essential for building a lasting business.

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