Our people are our greatest asset and we encourage the development of four key principles among them.

1. Collaboration

At SPX we believe a hard work ethic must be combined with a collaborative approach in order to achieve our aspirations. Our success is linked to how well the various teams work together in advancing our understanding of the macro scenario and market conditions.

2. Ownership

SPX economists, fund managers and analysts take ownership of their work and are encouraged to feel proud of their contribution to the firm. This insures that someone has thoughtfully considered the case for every investment decision made and is responsible throughout the life of the trade.

3. Alignment of interests

Clients are co-investors with SPX’s senior team. It is compulsory for partners to reinvest a substantial portion of their earnings back in the funds each quarter. Dedication is rewarded, though, as out of a team of roughly 100 employees over one quarter are partners.

4. Ethical Behaviour

SPX expects its employees to conduct themselves in an ethically responsible manner. We believe that a strong ethical code forms the foundation for a sound, long-term business reputation.