About SPX

We are products of our environment, and this gives us our edge in macro investing.

In emerging markets, volatility is the rule, not the exception.

With roots in Brazil, we are products of our environment, which gives us an edge among macro funds. Drawing on our expertise in Latin America, our team invests in markets globally.

We strive to deliver exceptional returns in volatile, uncertain markets by combining high-quality human capital, a solid decision-making structure, and deep set ethical values.

SPX’s senior management team has managed money through the well-known global crises of recent history but, more importantly, they have learned from the micro and macro-economic calamities that have characterised Brazilian markets since the 1980s.

SPX generates in-house research that is constantly revisited and updated to reflect the ever-changing scenarios. We have an experienced research team, that covers Brazil, Europe, North America and Asia.

Our regular local market assessments directly inform asset allocation decisions based on raw political data and specialist understanding.

For these reasons, we feel that SPX is uniquely qualified to help investors successfully weather further turbulence, in whatever form it may come.